Renewable Resource: Wild Turkeys

What characteristics make wild turkeys a renewable resource?

A. Hunting

B. Consumption

C. Eating

D. Reproduction

Answer: D

Wild turkeys are considered a renewable resource primarily due to their ability to reproduce. Reproduction plays a crucial role in sustaining the population of wild turkeys in the long term.

As a renewable resource, wild turkeys are able to replenish their population through the process of reproduction. This ensures that there will be a continuous supply of wild turkeys for hunting, consumption, and other purposes.

Additionally, the natural behavior and lifecycle of wild turkeys support their status as a renewable resource. They have adaptations that allow them to thrive in various environments, contributing to their ability to reproduce and sustain their population.

Overall, the reproductive capacity of wild turkeys is a key factor that makes them a renewable resource, ensuring their presence in the ecosystem for future generations.

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