Discover the Mystery of "The White House" in Sancho and Bolsa

What building does Mrs. Morningstar refer to as "The White House?"

The building named "The White House" by Mrs. Morningstar is:

  • William's school


William's school.


It's in Sancho and Bolsa: Scene 6

"No, not the White House. If he worked at the White House, we could afford to hire a real detective to find him. The white house is what we call his school. William worked at a school called the Martin Alexander Clark School of the Arts."

At the end of scene 5, Mrs. Morningstar tells Bolsa that William works at The White House, to which Bolsa is surprised. However, at the beginning of scene 6, Mrs. Morningstar clarifies that she is not referring to the real White House, but to the school where William works, which is the Martin Alexander Clark School of Arts. She jokingly adds that if William worked at The White House, they could hire a real detective.

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