Common Forms of Social Engineering

What is a common form of social engineering that was popular in the 1980s?

1) Phishing 2) Shoulder surfing 3) Dumpster diving 4) Phone phreaking

Final answer:

The common form of social engineering in the 1980s was phone phreaking, in which hackers manipulated the telephone network to make free calls. Today, hackers use more advanced methods like phishing, but the aim is still to deceitfully obtain access to confidential information. The correct option is 4) Phone phreaking.

Explanation: The common form of social engineering that was popular in the 1980s is phone phreaking. Phone phreaks exploited the telephone system to make free long-distance calls, often using blue boxes that could produce tones to manipulate the phone system. This form of hacking was a precursor to modern cyberattacks but required a deep understanding of the telephone network's mechanics.

Social engineering in general tricks individuals into divulging confidential information or performing actions that compromise security. Hackers today use more sophisticated methods like phishing and advanced malware, but the essential goal remains the same: to deceive the user into granting access to valuable data or systems. As our online presence grows, openness to social engineering tactics becomes a greater risk. Awareness and education are key to protecting against such threats, whereas in the past, the lower technological savvy of the general population made phone phreaking an easier venture.

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