Attachment Styles: Understanding Ian's Behavior Towards His Mother

What is Ian's attachment style towards his mother based on the given scenario?

Is Ian's behavior indicative of a secure attachment, avoidant attachment, or anxious-ambivalent attachment?


Ian's behavior towards his mother, showing indifference when she leaves and returns, suggests an avoidant attachment style.

Based on the scenario presented, it would be appropriate to classify Ian's attachment style to his mother as avoidant attachment. This classification comes from research conducted by Ainsworth & Bell (1970) and later contributions from other psychologists.

Avoidant attachment is characterized by the child being unresponsive to the parent and does not use the parent as a secure base for exploration. In this category, the child does not care if the parent leaves and reacts indifferently upon the parent's return. This behavior is typically the result of caregivers who are inattentive or insensitive to the child's needs.

It is important to understand attachment styles as they can have long-lasting effects on an individual's relationships and emotional well-being. By recognizing and addressing attachment styles early on, caregivers and professionals can provide appropriate support and interventions to help foster healthy bonds and secure attachments.

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