Inspiration from French-Speaking Canadian Negotiators

How did French-speaking Canadian negotiators use language in negotiations?

A. They used a high percentage of English

B. They used a high percentage of French

C. They used a mix of English and French


B. They used a high percentage of French

French-speaking Canadian negotiators demonstrated the power and influence of language in negotiations by utilizing a high percentage of French. This choice reflects not only the official status of French in Canada but also the cultural dominance of the French language in the province of Quebec.

In Canada, French is one of the two official languages at the federal level, alongside English. However, in Quebec, French has been declared as the only official language. This cultural and legal context explains why French-speaking Canadian negotiators prioritize the use of French during negotiations.

Laws in Quebec mandate that all public advertising must be in French, and businesses with more than 50 employees are required to conduct their operations in French. This environment creates a strong incentive for negotiators from Quebec to communicate primarily in French, highlighting the importance of linguistic and cultural considerations in the negotiating process.

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