The Influence of Futurism on Modern Art

What was the Modernist art movement that glorified the machine and technology?

A. Impressionism

B. Cubism

C. Futurism

D. Surrealism


C. Futurism

In the world of modern art, there was a movement known as Futurism that glorified the machine and technology. Futurism originated in Italy around 1909 and celebrated technology, speed, and industrial development. The artists and thinkers of the Futurist movement believed in the beauty of modern advancements over classical art forms.

One of the key figures of Futurism was Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, who penned the Futurist Manifesto. In this manifesto, Marinetti expressed his love for technology, modernity, and velocity. The movement's emphasis on speed and technology reflected the changing world of the Industrial Revolution and the early 20th century.

The statement that "a speeding motorcar ... is more beautiful than the Nike of Samothrace" embodies the Futurist mindset. This bold assertion highlighted the movement's belief in the beauty and importance of modern technology over traditional works of art.

Overall, Futurism had a significant influence on modern art and culture, challenging traditional conventions and heralding a new era of technological appreciation in the art world.

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