Nail Care: Understanding Plicatured Nails

What is a plicatured nail (folded nail)? A plicatured nail is an abnormal nail condition in which the nail is folded.

Understanding Plicatured Nails

Plicatured nails, also known as folded nails, are an abnormal nail condition that can affect individuals of all ages. This condition occurs when the nail becomes folded or bent, leading to a distorted appearance.

Unlike the eponychium nail fold, which is the thin tissue that covers the base of the nail, a plicatured nail refers specifically to the abnormal folding of the nail itself. It is essential to distinguish between the two to properly identify and address the issue.

Cause of Plicatured Nails

There are several factors that can contribute to the development of plicatured nails. These include:

  • Genetics
  • Trauma to the nail
  • Repetitive stress on the nail
  • Underlying medical conditions

Understanding the underlying cause of plicatured nails is crucial in determining the appropriate treatment plan and preventing further complications.

Treatment and Management

Management of plicatured nails typically involves:

  • Trimming and shaping the affected nails
  • Applying protective coatings to prevent further damage
  • Avoiding activities that put excessive pressure on the nails
  • Consulting a healthcare professional for further evaluation and treatment recommendations

It is essential to seek professional guidance if you suspect that you have plicatured nails to receive appropriate care and prevent potential complications.

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