The Exciting Story of the Bonus Army March

What group marched on Washington in 1932 demanding a promised payment?

Is it:

a. the Payment Army

b. the Bonus Army

c. the RFC

d. Hoovervilles


The group that marched on Washington in 1932 demanding a promised payment was the Bonus Army.

The Bonus Army, consisting of approximately 45,000 veterans of World War I, converged on Washington, DC in 1932. These veterans had been promised a cash bonus for their service back in 1924. However, due to the onset of the Great Depression, the payment was to be deferred until the year 1945.

Feeling frustrated and in need of immediate financial assistance during the Depression, the veterans were rightfully angry and decided to march on Washington to demand their promised payment. The Bonus Army's march on the nation's capital was a powerful display of unity and determination.

Despite their efforts, the veterans faced challenges and obstacles during their protest. The government's response to the march was controversial and led to a tense standoff. The Bonus Army's story is a fascinating chapter in American history that highlights the struggles faced by veterans in difficult times.

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