How to Properly Disinfect a Syringe and Needle

What is the best way to decontaminate a syringe and needle?

A) Boiling water

B) Alcohol

C) Boiling water and alcohol

D) Bleach

Answer: Boiling water and alcohol

When it comes to properly disinfecting a syringe and needle, the best method is to use boiling water and alcohol.

Using boiling water and alcohol in combination can help to effectively kill most bacteria and pathogens on the syringe and needle surfaces.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to disinfect a syringe and needle using boiling water and alcohol:

1. Disinfect the syringe using sterile cotton balls soaked in 70% alcohol. Rub all the surfaces of the syringe with the alcohol-soaked cotton balls until they are fully covered.

2. Sterilize the syringe and needle using an autoclave machine, which uses steam pressure and heat to kill most pathogens.

3. After autoclaving, repeat the disinfection process with alcohol to further increase the chances of killing any remaining microorganisms.

It is important to use the syringe and needle immediately after disinfection to prevent recontamination.

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