Discovering the Hemispheres of North and South America

Which Hemisphere are both North America and South America found in? a. Eastern Hemisphere b. Southern Hemisphere c. Western Hemisphere d. Northern Hemisphere​ Answer: the answer is C

North and South America are in the Western Hemisphere. Antarctica is in both the Western & Eastern Hemispheres. Both North America and South America are tracked down in the Western Hemisphere. Along these lines, choice (c) is precise response.

Understanding the Western Hemisphere

The Earth is separated into four sides of the equator: Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, Eastern Hemisphere, and Western Hemisphere. The division depends on the Prime Meridian (0 degrees longitude) and the Equator (0 degrees latitude).

North America and South America are both found west of the Prime Meridian, which goes through Greenwich, London. This places them in the Western Hemisphere. The Western Hemisphere includes all the landmasses and water bodies that are to the west of the Prime Meridian.

Therefore, both North America and South America are found in the Western Hemisphere.

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