Can You Judge a Book by Its Cover?

When Kristen comes over to chat with Rose she probably is

A. hungry and wants to enter the pizza place.

B. excited to see a friend and wants to say hello.

C. only interested in showing off her popular boyfriend.

D. looking for assistance with her soccer skills.

Answer: B

Explanation: So here you have to notice her gestures and the setting. Although nobody would come to meet a friend unprepared or without looking good, Kristen made her move to come meet Rose despite her unkempt look. Moreover, the enthusiasm in her greeting shows that she was indeed excited.

It was a crisp, autumn day as Rose stood outside the pizza place. She was waiting for her friends to arrive, and they were late. She squinted her eyes against the setting sun. The wind whipped her hair around her face as she pulled her angora scarf closer around her neck and tried to look casual. Most of the people who walked by were kids her age. This downtown strip was the place to be and be seen, and the longer Rose stood there lingering, the lonelier she felt.

Just as she was trying to decide if it was cooler to look past people passing by or meet their gazes directly, a figure separated from the crowd and walked straight up to her. Kristen was coming over. The summer before, she and Kristen had been in the same cabin at soccer camp. Because they had been the only two girls from the same school in their cabin, they had spent most of their time together. Rose was happy to leave their friendship at camp and on the playing field, but Kristen persisted.

Rose frantically looked around to see if anyone had noticed their interaction. When no one bothered to look their way, Rose offered up an unenthusiastic greeting to Kristen. Kristen chatted and Rose tuned her out as she took in Kristen's appearance. Despite Kristen's unkempt look, she showed enthusiasm in her greeting which indicated that she was excited to see a friend. This shows that you can't always judge someone based on their outward appearance.

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