The Common Name of the Ether that is an Isomer of 2-Propanol

What is the common name of the ether that is an isomer of 2-propanol?

a) isopropyl ether b) diethyl ether c) dimethyl ether d) ethyl methyl ether e) 1-propanol

Final answer: The common name of the ether that is an isomer of 2-propanol is called isopropyl ether.

Ethers are a class of organic compounds containing an oxygen atom connected to two alkyl or aryl groups. In this case, isopropyl ether and 2-propanol share the same structural formula, C3H8O, but in isopropyl ether the oxygen is part of the ether group (-O-), whereas in 2-propanol it's part of the hydroxyl group (-OH) making them isomers.

Isopropyl ether is commonly used as a solvent in various industrial processes. It has a wide range of applications including being used in organic synthesis, as a refrigerant, and as a fuel additive. It is important to handle isopropyl ether with care due to its flammability and potential health hazards.

It's fascinating how two compounds with the same molecular formula can have different properties and functions based on their structural arrangement. Understanding the chemistry behind isomers like isopropyl ether and 2-propanol can provide valuable insights into the diversity and complexity of organic compounds.

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