The Exciting World of Sole Proprietorship Catering Services!

Who is the principal in the arrangement if a wedding party hired a sole proprietorship to cater their wedding, and the sole proprietorship had an employee handle the entire job?

a) wedding party

b) sole proprietorship

c) employee

d) anyone involved in the arrangement


The wedding party is the main in this arrangement. The wedding party is the party that hired the sole proprietorship to provide catering services, and they are the ones responsible for the payment of the services.

Are you ready to dive into the vibrant world of catering services provided by sole proprietorships? Let's explore the exciting journey that takes place when a wedding party entrusts a sole proprietorship with the task of catering their special day!

When the wedding party decides to hire a sole proprietorship for their catering needs, they are making a choice to bring delicious food and impeccable service to their celebration. The sole proprietorship, as the provider of these services, plays a crucial role in ensuring that the wedding party's culinary desires are met with perfection.

The employee handling the job on behalf of the sole proprietorship acts as a representative of the business, executing the catering service with skill and dedication. While the employee is instrumental in delivering the catering experience, the ultimate responsibility lies with the wedding party, who bears the financial load for the services rendered.

It's fascinating to see how different parties come together in a collaborative effort to create unforgettable moments. The wedding party, sole proprietorship, and employee each bring their unique contributions to the table, resulting in a harmonious and delightful experience for all involved.

As the wedding party basks in the joy of their special day, they can rest assured that the sole proprietorship and its dedicated employee are committed to delivering top-notch catering services. It's a partnership built on trust, reliability, and above all, a shared excitement for creating memorable celebrations!

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