Raiders of the Lost Ark: A Classic Action-Adventure Film

1. What are some of the conventions (widely used and accepted devices, practices, or techniques) of science fiction films that Raiders of the Lost Ark exemplifies in style, subject matter, and values? 1. Raiders of the Lost Ark uses a unique style of speculation and articulateness. The subject of this movie revolves around the importance of science and discovery. It describes how both of these can be used in constructive or destructive ways. It is a classic yet epic science fictional movie. It has hints of sly humor and white-knuckle fights. It is one of the most adventurous and thrilling movies of all times.


A) Conventions of Style:

Raiders of the Lost Ark is an exceptional movie that was released in 1981. The hero of this movie is Indiana Jones. His adventure of finding the biblical artifact is shot using various camera techniques like fast cutting and camera framing. It has close-ups, shaky camera scenes describing fights, etc. These techniques create a lot of suspense throughout the movie that tries to gain the attention of the viewers. The movie can even be watched on mute since the director has emphasized action more than words. All of this is created by using prime lens and dolly movements.

B) Conventions of Subject Matter:

Directed by Steven Spielberg, this action-adventure film has a clearly identified hero and villain, Indiana Jones being the hero and Doctor René Emile Belloq the villain. The hero is shown to fight against an entire organization set up by the villain. The foundation of this movie is quite typical, but the thrill and action of it sets it apart from others alike. It was a blockbuster of 1981.

C) Conventions of Values:

There are many values exhibited in this movie such as standing against oppression, truthfulness, courage, never giving up, knowledge is power, honesty, respect, fighting criminals, etc. These teach us different life lessons and make us contemplate how one should lead his or her life. Indiana Jones's character inspired many to give importance to science and knowledge. His deliriously funny style of overcoming every problem is worth mentioning and is seen throughout the movie.

Indiana Jones portrays different moral values and fights against crime regardless of all odds. The behavior shown by him is approved in the movie as well as in real life. This movie shows a heavy contrast between good and evil. Doctor Rene, despite many years, did not forget or overcome his hatred and jealousy against Jones. The deeds portrayed by his character are despised in the movie while good values are praised.

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