Bolt Override Remedial Action: Tap, Rack, Bang

What is Bolt Override Remedial Action and how is it typically performed?

How do you perform Bolt override remedial action?


Bolt Override Remedial Action is a method for resolving firearm malfunction often referred to as 'tap, rack, bang.'

Bolt Override Remedial Action, also known as tap, rack, bang, is a technique used to quickly resolve malfunctions in firearms. This method is commonly taught in military training to ensure the safety and efficiency of handling firearms.

When performing Bolt Override Remedial Action, the user should follow these steps: 1. Tap: Tap the bottom of the magazine to ensure it is properly seated. 2. Rack: Rack the slide to potentially eject a problematic round and chamber a new one. 3. Bang: If safe to do so, attempt to fire again.

It is important to note that situational awareness is crucial when handling firearms. While the traditional phrase 'tap, rack, bang' is commonly used, some variations may include 'tap, rack, assess' to emphasize the importance of assessing the situation before proceeding.

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