Vance's Experience with a Sales Strategy

Vance's Experience at the Dealership

Vance saw an ad in the newspaper that showed a new four-door sedan on sale for $15,999. Excited about the deal, Vance immediately headed to the dealership to make a purchase. However, upon arrival, Vance was informed that the last sales model had just been sold. Instead, the salesperson offered Vance identical models for $17,999. This unexpected turn of events left Vance feeling unsure about the deal he initially saw in the ad.

Sales Strategy Unveiled

This pricing strategy is known as bait and switch. It involves advertising a product at a very appealing price (the bait) to attract customers but then convincing them to purchase a more expensive alternative (the switch) once they are in the store or dealership. In Vance's case, he fell victim to this tactic as the advertised car at $15,999 was no longer available, and he was pushed to consider a higher-priced option.

What is this sales strategy better known as? This sales strategy is called bait and switch.
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