How to Properly Apply Oil Filter Gasket Lubrication during an Oil Change

What is the purpose of applying a light coat of oil on the oil filter gasket?

A. To allow for easy removal during the next oil change.

B. To seal the filter to the housing.

C. To make it tighter.

D. To lubricate the seal.


A. To allow for easy removal during the next oil change


When changing the oil filter during a maintenance service, it is crucial to apply a light coat of oil on the oil-filter gasket of the new replacement filter. This process serves the purpose of ensuring easy removal of the filter during the next oil change. By lubing the gasket with oil, it creates a smoother seal between the filter and the housing, making it much simpler to unscrew the filter when it comes time for replacement.

By completing this step during the oil change process, you are proactively addressing potential complications that may arise when dealing with the oil filter in the future. Properly lubricating the oil filter gasket not only streamlines the replacement process but also helps maintain the integrity of the filter and prevents any leaks that may occur due to a faulty seal.

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